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A space for curious, creative and  inquisitive minds that love to create and play. Every child is an artist and we believe that there is beauty in imperfection.
We aim to create a meaningful and enriching art experience to empower the little ones as well as those who are still young at heart through kinaesthetic art activities.

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Twinkle Light Canvas


Available from Monday – Sunday, 11am – 9.30pm (Closed on Wednesday)

Duration: 3 hours

Includes: Choice of  either a canvas (30x30cm stretched canvas or 30cm round canvas)
fairylights, dried flowers, use of quality paint and brushes

Fees: $45/pax



Create your own Twinkle Light Canvas with an inspirational quote!

“Every artist dips his brush in his soul and paints his own nature into his paintings.”
-Henry Ward Beecher


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