Ki.Li.O Art

A space for curious, creative and  inquisitive minds that love to create and play. Every child is an artist and we believe that there is beauty in imperfection.
We aim to create a meaningful and enriching art experience to empower the little ones as well as those who are still young at heart through kinaesthetic art activities.

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Ki.Li.O Open Studio

Process Art

A time for our little ones to tinker around creatively and explore our studio. Have the opportunity to join in our craft sessions in the studio
and create your own artwork.

Our staff will be around to facilitate and guide the little ones,
but all art work will be done by the children.

Ki.Li.O Open Studio is about providing a safe, creative, inspiring environment
to empower children through our range of craft activities.

( Suitable for kids age 4 – 12 )

Let’s craft something together.

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